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Holiday Extras Travel Insurance

Painless insurance quotes

Holiday Extras wanted the experience of buying travel insurance online to match that of their award-winning call centre.

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Holiday Extras insurance quote questionnaire, showing several of the steps on some mobile devices.

Hassle-free travel

Planning trips is tough. We worked with Holiday Extras to create HEHA!, an iOS and Android app to simplify the task.

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Holiday Extras' HEHA! Mobile app, showing several planned trips on some mobile devices.

Helping Brits claim back tax

We helped RIFT re-imagine their web application, making tax refund claims easier to manage for their customers.

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RIFT's MyRIFT Web application, showing customer provided tax refund information on tablet and mobile devices.

21st century sneaker trading

We moved Laced's rare sneaker trading business online, automating their buying, selling, shipping, and quality control.

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Laced's sneaker trading website shown on a tablet and mobile device.