We're looking for a designer with enough passion to fill a small stadium. The small details mean everything, and you're hell-bent on becoming a better you.
Mike Carter
Who are we?

Leaf are a small product-focused studio in South-East England, helping organisations build better digital products.

About the role

We're looking for a talented designer to help create beautiful, functional and accessible web products. To us, the term 'design' means more than drop shadows and border radius'; you'll be sweating over microcopy, embracing constraints, and questioning everything.

Your design career may be in its infancy, or you might be a 10-year industry veteran. We're not big using experience as our barometer, nor are we necessary looking for the finished article. Above all else, we're looking for character.

Chris and Mike
Various mobile-first wireframes from the application

About you

  • You have background in design, with at least a year of industry experience.
  • You're a natural communicator. Being able to articulate your point, both internally and to clients, is essential.
  • You have a portfolio of interface work you can't wait to show off.
  • You love to teach what you know, and learn what you don't.
  • You're bursting with passion, and have a natural drive to better yourself.
Bonus points if…
  • You're as comfortable in Atom or Sublime as you are in a design application.
  • You've used or even created Pattern libraries and styleguides.
  • You've got static prototyping experience (e.g. Marvel, InVision).
  • You create your own product illustrations.
  • You're a keen and talented photographer.


We're based in Canterbury; famous for its cathedrals, cobbles and tales. We're very happy for you to either join us in Kent or work remotely; whatever's going to allow you to do your best work. If you do work remotely, the only thing we ask is that you drop in to Canterbury every couple of months.


You can expect to start on an annual wage of £22,000, with 6-monthly pay reviews to keep your salary growing as you do.

How to apply

If reading about this position gave you butterflies, we want to hear for you. Tell us a bit about yourself, along with a CV, some examples of your work, and let us know why you'd be a good fit.