Not content with being the UK's market leader for travel extras, Holiday Extras decided try their hand at helping travellers plan and organise their trips together.


Consultancy, product design


Wireframes, prototypes


React Native, Node, GraphQL


iOS, Android

The HEHA! iOS application
What is it?

HEHA! is a trip-planning app, allowing travellers to manage everything from booking confirmations, to creating shared, collaborative itineraries.

The challenge

As with any incubated startup, our commodity was time. We had a small window of opportunity to answer a number of questions; what was important to our users when planning a trip? What tools and processes did travellers currently use? Was there even a hunger for such an app?

Our approach

Speaking to thousands to customers a day, the Holiday Extras team had realised that there were recurring pain-points when planning trips away, and the initial vision was driven by a desire to tackle these stresses.

By using React Native, the team were able to most efficiently work towards both iOS and Android versions of the application. From a design perspective, mapping to the iOS Human Interface Guidelines and Material Design respectfully provided a toolkit to further speed up our decision making.

The HEHA! iOS application

User testing

Early user testing sessions were invaluable in not only validating design decisions, but in gauging how closely the initial brief resonated with travellers.

While feedback was largely positive, we found that users didn't simply want an inspirational app, but something truly personalised to to them and their trip.


Having taken stock of the user testing sessions, we began working towards addressing the recurring patterns, with a trip itinerary and shared documentation heavily requested.

Over the next few months, we began moving away from the native design frameworks we'd initially used, introducing more of our own personality into the applications.

In August 2017, we even had an opportunity to test our work for real, joining the HEHA! team for a 4-day break in Rome; for work purposes, of course.

The outcome

HEHA! launched in both the App Store and Google Play Store in the summer of 2017, and already has with an increasing pool of active users and trip creators.

We're continuing to work with the HEHA! team, refining the application and making trip planning not only more collaborative, but more fun.