About Leaf

We are Leaf; a small design and development studio in the South-East of England. We're very young, but have already worked with some pretty cool brands, including the likes of Zendesk and Holiday Extras. Having smashed our first year, we're now looking to hire our first employee.

About the role

We're looking for driven, adaptable, product-minded and communicative Software Engineers to help us build cutting edge web applications using JavaScript and Ruby on Rails. At Leaf, a Software Engineer works on all parts of the stack, from configuring web services and writing APIs, to setting up continuous integration and building buttery smooth front-ends with React.

We're more interested in where you want to go than where you've been; so industry experience isn't a must, but raw ability, a drive to self-teach and the instinct to take an independent lead are critically important. You will be supported gladly, but will not always be hand-held through your day.

As our first employee, we'll be expecting you to help us grow our little business and grow yourself into one of the most senior people on our team. If that doesn't excite you, then this job isn't for you.

We're looking for

  • Proof that you can program: This could be anything from a side project to a web application you've worked on previously. We expect your skills to be strong enough to be able to get work done without constant supervision, and to grow along the way. Experience with either Ruby on Rails or JavaScript is a bonus here.
  • A natural communicator: Being able to articulate your point to technical and non-technical people alike is everything.
  • A product mindset: You'll need an appreciation for your users, and a sense of duty around building loveable products.


We're based in Canterbury; famous for its Cathedral, cobbles and tales. We're very happy for you to either join us in Kent or work remotely; whatever's going to allow you to do your best work. If you do work remotely, the only thing we ask is that you drop in to Canterbury every few months for some facetime.


We understand that making a good living is important to you, and that we're nothing without our staff, so your salary will be continually assessed every 6 months as your skills improve. There's no upper limit to this, simply put, we'll pay what we can afford to pay our staff relative to the value they deliver to the business, and we'll be open and honest with you about how we think you can progress and grow.

How to apply

If reading about this position gave you butterflies, we want to hear from you. Tell us a bit about yourself and why you'd be a good fit, along with a CV and some examples of your work.

[email protected]